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Let's IS Parade!!!


As you may already know, recently we released new twitter visualization platform called "IS Parade". This is for an advertising campaign for new smart phone which will be released in July from au in Japan. You can parade with your followers on this website. That's all! but it's so funny isn't it?

Of course, I involved in this project as a Flash Developer. This is the first time I used haXe to build commercial website. As you can see, this website requires too many avatars to show at same time, so optimizing about calculation and drawing time is too important. That's why I choose haXe for this project. haXe is much faster than Flash IDE built-in compiler or mxmlc. I found many tips for using haXe with FlashDevelop/FDT/FlashIDE, so I'll write about it in the future.


Agency: Hakuhodo Incorporated, spicebox, inc.
Production: ID inc., AID-DCC Inc., GRAND FUNK inc.
Creative Director: @1000b (Sembo Kensuke)
Planner: @tomohiko (Hayashi Tomohiko), @1000b (Sembo Kensuke)
Flash Developer: @Saqoosha (Koyama Tomohiko), @kramhash (Ohashi Masashi)
Copywriter: @tomohiko (Hayashi Tomohiko), @1000b (Sembo Kensuke)
Producer: Hori Hiroshi, @kamiken (Kamiya Kenji), @tetsuya0528 (Hashimoto Tetsuya), @frisk_orange (Seki Kenichi)
Director: @shiosaka (Shiosaka Fumio), @Saqoosha (Koyama Tomohiko), @ga4 (Nakagawa Yoshifumi)
Sound Production: Tominaga Keisuke
Art Director: @yukopurin (Nishimura Yuko)
Desinger, Illustrator: @akican (Aoki aki)
Technical Director: @iwa_2004 (Iwamoto Yosuke), @soundkitchen (Izukawa Takanobu)
Project Manager: @y_anchan (Anshita Yuki)
Programmer: @soundkitchen (Izukawa Takanobu), @pm11op (Kinoshita Masaru)
CG Animation: @hu_sha (Shimoda Eiichi)
Account: Ogata Yuki